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Universal Laws and the Power of Movement with Michelle Boulé

Believing she’d have to quit dancing forever due to her injury at a young age, what our guest Michelle Boulé discovered through her recovery journey was a lesson on holistic recovery and functionality. Now she serves many great people in the artistic community who are seeking to break through the barriers that are keeping them from achieving their goals.

In this episode, we delve in to Universal Laws and how they can serve us if we’re open and willing to understand and embrace them, how movement (and it’s many forms such as dance) are essential to the human vessel existence and navigating different vibrational threads in order to solve issues holistically rather than fixate on a specific detail.

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2:30 When asked who Michelle is and what she brings to the coaching world, she says she’s a dancer. But we find that dancing is distilled into movement and that movement is the theme of the episode. She goes on to discuss how a holistic approach to her foot injury allowed her to recover in a way that the direct approach was insufficient. 

6:00 Joseph resonates with Michelle's story by comparing his writing to her dancing so much so that he sees the world through that lens. He asks if there is a similar lens that she uses to perceive the world through her movement.

10:24 We take a moment to vent about how essential creativity is and how school has not always been beneficial to nurturing talent. 

16:00 Having shared a relic of his past, Michelle discusses how it is a common trait among the artistically minded that on some level we face challenges we intended to, consciously or higher than such.

19:22 In keeping with the spiritual nature of our discussion Joseph asks for Michelle’s take on a burgeoning theme on the program; the rapid acceleration of tech and its impact on us as a spiritual people.

25:11 Joseph shares an unfortunate incident with his (to his recollection) first experience dancing and how living our lives is often at odds with other people’s need to document it online for their own gain. Michelle shares how these points of view are a vibrational state. 

31:33 Joseph asks Michelle what the Universal Laws are to Michelle. He prefaces the questions by saying he will try to understand it from his fundamental driven point of view. 

37:32 Joseph asks Michelle to expand on one of her website’s main quotes, about what are the barriers her clients tend to come to her in need of breaking through. He also subverts the question by asking what have been some of the most particular. 

43:00 We talk about the way we can shift reality around in the interest of living a better or more convenient life but what we find is that the key is to look for a shift in mentality rather than materials.

49:20 As we close the episode out, Joseph brings this back to the original meaning that we distilled the conversation to which is that it all has to do with movement. Joseph reflects on how a great week is full of movement and a poor weak is lacking in it. Michelle reflects on how she came to that realization. 

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