Public Speaker and Speaker Coach David Fisher; Discovering Impactful Narrative in Business and Life

Award winning public speaker and speaker coach David Fisher joins us on the program today to dig deep in to the nature of story and narrative. Drawing upon his substantial experience in sales as well as Film/TV, David understands foremost that the value of storytelling is for all to identify and participate in.

In this episode of The Impactful Coaching Podcast, Joseph and David talk about all things story; how to identify narrative, how story is used in business and sales and the new forms of storytelling unique to the online world.

David finds that each and every engagement he does changes him, and we in turn hope this conversation will have that impact on you.

Find David online

Find us online David talks about how he became a coach, how the storytelling side of him grew throughout his career and what makes him a “story amplifier”

6:10 How narratives are discovered, designed and unearthed whether its the story of the CEO or that of the entry-level junior associate

14:13 David’s recent example of a storytelling device used in a film that stood out to him, in this case Indiana Jones.

19:05 David speculates on the nature of imprinting, what informs us at a young age could stick with us for life, but is it possible to change that?

21:25 How David’s journey brought him to the coaching space online

26:00 Specific skills and characteristics that are particular to speaking in the online space

31:18 How short storytelling has always been around and not just on social media and also how storytelling may change and evolve in the online/virtual reality space

35:54 How David really embraces the change that manifests with each speaking engagement he does.

40:00 David’s challenges regarding getting his message out on social media.

48:18 The challenges of an ethical sales system and how important sales is to storytelling

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