Lesa Edwards

Guiding Career Professionals from Mid-Level to Executive and Beyond with Lesa Edwards

As one of only 25 Master Resume Writers on the whole planet, Career Coach and Podcast Host Lesa Edwards joins us on the program today to talk all things in the professional career market. In addition to her illustrious work in helping professionals market themselves through world-class resumes she also helps them make a name for themselves on LinkedIn and also revitalize their job search strategy, hint; job boards are not all there is to it.

In this episode we share tons of wisdom nuggets including what and when motivates employees to shift roles or perhaps even careers, when to effectively use storytelling while interviewing and separating problems of a mathematical nature vs ones that are dramatic.

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2:30 A warm up conversation about four different Florida

5:20 Lesa talks about what challenges she was facing exiting higher education. Lesa found herself working with mainly mid level professionals with tenure.

9:08 Joseph asks about some of the main limiting beliefs graduates were facing as they enter the workforce

13:33 Lesa discusses age as the key indicator for what motivates employees to either shift jobs, stay in place or seek a promotion

16:50 Lesa's music education background as it relates to her skills now

21:44 when it comes to Lesa's podcast, she found that interview episodes perform the best, we delve in to why.

23:21 what is a CARL story, a modified version of the CAR story.

27:00 How to balance personal and professional communication, especially in job interviews.

33:00 Joseph asks what were some major corrections her work made early on, Lesa talks about how she slow-rolled her coaching platform.

39:00 We zero in on one of Lesa's clients who went from burnout to trailblazer in 3 sessions.

41:12 Because subconscious issues come up a lot on the program, Joseph asks what's Lesa's experience in that realm. Lesa does address subconscious issues if they come up be she doesn't go drilling for it.

43:26 Joseph asks out of curiosity what have been some of the most significant career pivots Lesa's experienced.

46:30 Lesa's most interesting issue was a surprisingly slow summer, usually summer is the busy time. She separates math problems vs drama problems

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