Dr. Sherry Price

Demystifying Substance Use with Dr. Sherry Price, Pharmacist Turned Life Coach

While many of us may jokingly refer to ourselves as alcoholics (or variations based on the substance) the actual definition is far more narrow as well as serious. On this episode of The Impactful Coaching Podcast we’re joined by Dr. Sherry Price, an advocate for the responsible and measured consumption of alcohol. Her vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry provided her with a distinct point of view on managing the issue both personally and as it related to her profession.

The episode not only delves into this aspect of many of our lives but along with that, we take a look at the granular effects it can have on our daily decision making, especially as it relates to our profession but also how it informs our lifestyle and culture from generation to generation.

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4:33 After a brief reflection on how one meal can ruin an entire weekend Joseph gets the conversation on track and asks about Sherry’s history as a Pharmacist for 20 years before becoming a certified life coach and weight loss coach. Sherry’s point of view comes from trying to manage her alcohol use and found that initially most help programs were about complete eradication and abstinence.

9:20 Joseph asks about the difference between control and total avoidance, he notices that the issue with total avoidance is that it still gives the substance power by being so frightened by it and of those who use it or the environments it’s apparent in. 

13:55 Joseph brings up his theory on the tension between her professional work and her contention with alcohol and how her ability to be trusted impacts that. Joseph asks about her internal dialogue regarding this contention. 

19:27 How much do we tailor our day to day lifestyle around what we enjoy? It is one thing to use our preferred elixirs to enhance our living but what happens when our living now serves our usage?

26:45 After discussing what some other prior experience had done to serve her in her new space, Joseph asks about some of the personal stories of her clients she’s helped, owing to the fact that many of the issues people face come from a place of crisis. 

29:05 One of the main myths about controlling alcohol consumption is the fear of relapsing. Sherry tells us how to reframe it to take the edge off these polarizing terms but also to help people understand these things are normal and part of the process.

36:35 Joseph observes that because Sherry is a responsible user, this creates an easier and more accessible person to approach for coaching, although that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work with people looking for the abstinent route. 

40:00 Sherry asks Joseph to reflect on his own usage, while drinking isn’t an issue, THC consumption is and so that’s where his concern stems from. 

47:40 Joseph shares a tidbit from his upcoming story and how drinking can make it relatable, but as the zeitgeist of drinking culture changes, is it relatable still? 

54:24 Joseph talks about some of his past experiences involving drug use as a matter of bonding, is it something society needs in order to function?

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