Joseph Ianni - Host


Welcome to the world of Joseph Ianni, where creativity, intuition, and a keen sense of storytelling merge to create empowering narratives. With a decade-long career in the creative field, Joseph has etched his mark as a pioneer in the local Toronto podcasting space, contributing to various shows spanning topics from law and photography to comedy, ecommerce, wrestling, and even sex education.

His diverse roles as host, editor, and producer have shaped his deep understanding of the podcasting medium, and his evangelism for the power of podcasting resonates throughout the world.

However, Joseph’s true calling lies in the realm of writing. He’s the creator of his own online comic series and is diligently crafting a fantasy novel that marries the grandeur of ‘Lord of the Rings’ with the relatability of ‘Office Space’. While he has chosen to self-publish as of this date, his written work showcases his vibrant imagination and engaging storytelling style.

Grounding his creative pursuits, Joseph brings in 5 years of experience in sales and service, particularly in the watch industry. He has also worked as a grocery and theatre store clerk, attesting to the belief that one can learn valuable lessons from all kinds of experiences.

Among his memorable work experiences is background acting, where he was a part of major Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Shazam’. This path also led him to meet the love of his life, marking a personal milestone alongside his professional journey. He further honed his interviewing skills during his stint with a leading ecommerce company, engaging with influencers, CEOs, and experts in the ecommerce space.

Joseph’s wide array of creative skills extends to video editing, 2D animation, on-camera acting, scriptwriting, voice-overs, and storyboarding. He has also tried his hand at stand-up comedy, sparking laughter and connection with his wit and humor.

As of now, he offers free consultation in podcasting, a personal promise made to inspire others to venture into this impactful medium. But act soon – his mind might change anytime.

With his eclectic background, extensive skill set, and unwavering commitment to empowering others, Joseph brings a unique perspective and enriching conversations to the Impactful Coaching Podcast. Join him as he continues to inspire and ignite growth, one episode at a time.