Carole Ann Rice

Challenging Conventional Norms and Earning Credibility the Right Way with Carole Ann Rice

Join us for an enlightening episode as Carole Ann Rice, one of the UK's pioneering life coaches, takes us on a journey through her wealth of experience spanning over 20 years.

Uncover the essence of confidence as Carole shares insights into self-talk and resilience, differentiating shame from guilt. Joseph explores Carole's punk background and its enduring influence on her life and coaching philosophy.

Join us in challenging established norms as Carole explains her role as a challenger of conventional wisdom. Delve into the power of silence in crisis intervention, and explore the significance of formal coaching education.

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3:08 Carole tells us about being one of the first life coaches in the UK with 2420 years worth of experience. Back in the 80s trainers were much more exclusive and luxurious than now. She identified at coaching events more as of late that many coaches were struggling to earn their money.

5:41 Joseph decides to ask, despite his limiting belief, what money people should be expecting once they reach the accreditation offered by Carole’s education. Carole talks about how it has to do with experience but also self confidence.

8:56 Joseph makes an observation that charging what seems to be a sensible amount of money diminishes the motivation someone may have to act on the coach's instructions and wisdom.

11:04 Carole talks about the commonalities of people of all types, whether they are CEOs, superstars or mothers. Everyone is held back by confidence, fear, anxiety and more. The only time Carole has a unique approach to coaching is when she is briefed on a unique and specific problem.

13:50 It’s exceedingly rare, if ever, that the issue someone brings to Carole is indeed the issue, its nearly always symptomatic of something deeper

15:35 as a point of interest, Joseph asks Carole if there was ever an opposite situation where, as Joseph puts it “the cigar was the cigar”

18:00 Joseph and Carole both compare historical experience as it relates to resolving issues, Joseph alludes to his technical issues off the top of the episode and Carole talks about a situation involving in-person attendees she didn't anticipate.

21:00 What is Confidence, asks Joseph. Carole uses an example of twins, one who’s confident and one who isn’t. What sets them apart is self talk. Joseph shares his takeaway that it also comes down to who can absorb and be resilient to negativity. Carole talks about how there is such a key difference from shame and guilt.

29:11 Joseph delves into Carole’s backstory as it relates to “punk” along with the ideas of acceptance, individualism and courage that it represents. He asks how it impacted her and if it perhaps still does even now.

37:12 After a lengthy discussion about the nature of punk and at its core, contrarianism, Joseph ties that idea of challenging established norms into asking Carole how she acts as a challenger for the conventional wisdom brought on by her clients.

42:30 Carole talks about in her previous line of work, aiding others over the phone in crisis sometimes involves being silent with them, and embracing the discomfort that comes with that.

46:14 Carole imparts the seriousness of getting a proper, formal education as a coach. We discuss the concerns people might have that causes a reluctance to get their certification. Likewise, we also discuss how the results of coaching differs from the more direct results that may come from visiting the dentist or the mechanic.

56;42 Carole’s major challenges , she wasn’t the first person on the show who's dealing with a social media hack. Carole wants to see children get access to this kind of confidence building work early on to help set them on their way better.

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