Melanie Knight

Forming a Deeper Intimate Connection With Your Partner, Body and Spirit with Melanie Knight

This episode of The Impactful Coaching Podcast boldly steps in to the delicate subject matter of sex with Melanie Knight, who when not working on her other field of expertise (one that’s not particularly related to sexuality) aids couples and individuals of both sexes in understanding their body and forming a deep, meaningful connection to their partners and themselves through intimacy. 

In this episode we talk about the manner in which media influences interests and how it can have a series effect on growing minds, the power of chakras as well as learning what chakras are most essential to connecting to our physical forms and dealing with pressures/expectations we feel when entering a new relationship. 

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1:45 Joseph gives a brief disclaimer about the sexual nature of today’s episode but encourages listeners who may be uncomfortable with it to try anyways. He then proceeds to ask about Melanie’s line of work as it relates to coaching. 

3:35 We ask about the nature of somatic sex education, Melanie explains that it is not necessarily sexual based, but it has to do with awareness of our body. 

6:00 As Melanie tells of her backstory, she details how some of her experiences were early iterations of what people now know as BDSM or kink. 

9:05 In fairness to our guest and subject, Joseph shares some of his early experiences owing to the growing prevalence of media. 

14:00 We discuss the issues with shame associated with fearing sharing our preferences and interests in our partner and also the intriguing distinction in terminology how some terms can be seen as diminishing and others as elevating a subject. 

20:12 Our discussion of adult content ties in to the difference between sex and tantric sex in that it has to do more with enjoying the journey and not chasing after the destination as fast as possible. 

25:20 Aside from the innate satisfaction we get from sex, we ask “how does it affect every other aspect of our lives?” 

29:45 Joseph ponders the relationship between us and lower intelligences in the animal kingdom, are we also a lower intelligence to races that also procreate? We transition the conversation to the nature, and stigmas, of pleasure. 

35;00 Our discussion on pleasure entails how many different gestures and acts of intimacy are what ties in to pleasure and not just seeking the release. 

43:50 Melanie and Joseph have a dialogue about pressure when it comes to sex, Joseph speaks from his experience growing up as a male and the way sex is treated as a way for men to show their worth to women.

48:30 Joseph and Melanie share their mutual respect for Magician Warrior Lover King, the book that illuminates the true proper male archetypes.


52:10 Joseph asks Melanie what is her way to help guide her clients and build the trust and vulnerability needed to do the work. 

56:10 Joseph points out the disparity between society’s general acceptance towards murder compared to our complete opposition to crimes of a sexual nature. 

00:01:04 Melanie shares her take on the coming tranche of technology as it relates to sex; AI, robots, VR etc. 

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