Erika Cruz

The Framework, Universality and Practice of Courage with Erika Cruz

Erika Cruz practices what she preaches when it comes to acts of courage, having pivoted from her career in tech to utilizing it as a way to help women, especially women of color to visualize their goals and use magnetism to attract desired results.

In this episode, we talk about how tech was a particular interest to her and how it was a format driven inspiration rather than a novelty, the differences and importance of both masculine and feminine energy and how figuring out your biggest goal involves putting ego aside.

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Show Notes:

2:08 Erika Cruz introduces herself as a courage coach and as such tends to be asked what that means exactly. Her work helps particularly women of color and to focus on being magnetic rather than a hustler.

6:00 The dreaded three letter word KPI was brought up, so naturally Joseph has to dial into it. Based on what Erika mentioned, the issue with KPIs is that they lean into one form of masculine energy and overlook the equally important female receiving energy.

11:39 Erika delves into her backstory involving major pivots in her career and life trajectory, interesting how a major shift deep in tech started with a food blog and how learning more about yoga taught her more about mindfulness.

19:11 Joseph asks if Erika’s tech background came naturally because her early work was with Radio Shack or if it was a conscious effort on her part. 

30:48 Joseph asks Erika about how she works with varying causes of fear; negotiations, dating, initiatives in personal projects. Is there a go-to method because it always comes back to fear?

34:24 Erika reflects on her live TV appearance at telemundo and the difficulty in trying to ensure she could speak Spanish as naturally as she now converses in English, the point being she applies the tools and frameworks she helps others with. 

41:59 We want to learn more about magnetism. How do we teach people to attract what we want and avoid the chase? 

47:46 What are the commonalities across the pillars of neuroscience and spirituality? These two tend to differ so Joseph asks Erika how she aligns both in her work. 

50:00 No tech-themed episode is complete unless Joseph asks about what the guest thinks of A.I and this episode is no different. 

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