Making an Impact in Business, Policy and Life with Elizabeth Van Der Bergh, Public Speaking Coach

Whether it’s running a business, speaking at an event or matters on policy, Elizabeth Van Der Bergh’s expertise as a speaker coach has won over clients in all these fields. Her expertise has been trusted by such major entities as PWC, Nestle and European Parliament.

In this episode, Elizabeth and Joseph discuss the dynamic field of speaker coaching and how her perspective is valued by both males and females all over the world. We discuss the need for rebranding, various leadership styles and the nature of changing minds. 

As always we hope you enjoy and are inspired by this program and we thank you for your time. 

Show Notes

3:06 Elizabeth outlines her work as a speaker coach, helping clients to reach their next level.

5:40 Elizabeth outlines her past, working with a junior team but as a leader, found she loved the realm of personal growth, while also growing teams.

9:50 Joseph asks Elizabeth about the challenges and results from trying to see things from perspectives other than her own, particularly the male perspective 

12:30 Elizabeth talks about her decision to rebrand her business to be more personality based one with her name on the marquee. 

17:30 What her Dutch background has in terms of impacting her point of view on the world.

24:00 Although she tends to market more towards females, men still make up nearly half of her clientele, Elizabeth discusses with Joseph why this is. 

27:16 Elizabeth outlines some of the different speaking / leadership styles; commanding, inspiring and trust building.

29:21 With the ability to wield our words as power, we take a moment to reflect on the choice to be  influencing and not manipulating. 

34:03 We discuss some advantages and disadvantages to group coaching or 1 on 1 coaching.

42:00 We dig deep in to the subconscious issues that perplex people as they attempt to improve their speaking ability and confidence

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