Self Alignment Through Resolving Core Trauma with Entrepreneur Life Coach Mia Hewett

We are all born in to this world infallible and beautiful but something along the way unmakes us in our wholeness and beauty. That is what our guest Mia Hewett refers to as a core trauma. Resolving to live a prosperous life after poverty cost her a beloved family pet, Mia now heals others of this core trauma so that they can live the deserving lives we all can strive for. 

In this episode, Mia talks to us about this concept of core trauma and how living in your healed state is much like the flow state that we’ve all experienced albeit briefly. Mia also discusses how emotionality is central to business, transformative experiences from clients and the need to adopt some level of risk for proper growth.

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4:40 Mia tells the story of her personal development, how growing up poor and losing her beloved family dog to fleas and poverty drove her to 

8:03 Mia talks about the challenge of finding the right path between the spiritual and emotional approaches to life and business

12:01 We reflect on the challenge of upbringing where emotionality is considered a weakness and is therefore looked down on and diminished

15:44 Mia reflects on the nature of a core trauma, that each of us despite being born perfect have within us a trauma or incident that keeps us from being our true selves 

17:43 Mia talks about flow state as a way of telling that one is experience their true self. 

19:08 We discuss the issues clients face and what are their different blind spots. 

24:16 Mia shares the most astounding transformation she’s seen from her clients.

27:06 Mia drills down to the nature of problems and encourages skepticsm.

32:52 Mias belief in the sense that spirituality and tangibility is one and the same.

38:22 Mia shares her knowledge that all business is mastering relationships.

41:36 We touch on the difficult but beautiful subject of death and dying, Mia mentions some of the stories she’s heard from clients who’ve experienced it first hand.

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