Reclaim and Create Your Space as a Speaker and Leader with Dani Wallace

Hailing from Preston (although it’s easier to say Manchester) UK, Dani Wallace turned her difficult upbringing into a source of inspiration as a Public Speaking coach and founder of the #flyanyway foundation. Dani’s brand and motto “I am the Queen Bee!” conveys a sense of reclamation for one’s own personal power.

Having done is research, Joseph knows Dani has an attachment to the Harry Potter series, so at long last he’s able to ask and share what houses they were sorted into. In this conversation we learn about where her bombastic energy comes from, what challenges her upbringing presented entering a new space and how she instead was able to subvert that by creating a space of her own. 

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2:50 Joseph warms the conversation up by wondering how many calls Dani had done throughout her day. Dani shares some of her various encounters, some pleasant and some difficult. The reason for the question is that Joseph is enthralled by Dani’s energy. 

6:20 Joseph takes some time to point out how Monday is naturally draining of energy because of the idea that it's the first of five identical days. Joseph shares his own perspective on how to give each day something unique. 

11:00 Dani’s muggle job as a coach is all about helping people take up space in the business world.  She reflects on being born in a low income area while someone else is born into royalty. 

16:03 Joseph makes a connection to her backstory of domestic abuse with that of Harry Potter and how his story perhaps has additional parallels to Dani’s. Dani talks about the importance of bringing the light she discovered into the world that she was a part of her life, that was the origin of the flyanyway organization. 

22:36 Is there enough space to take? We talk about the limiting belief involved in not wanting to take space for the lack of any. Dani addresses it in the sense of creating her own event rather than occupying someone else's.

27:18 Joseph reflects on Dani’s point of view, having been asked about a dividing line between the despairing and the prospering and if that divide is widening. Joseph recalls a man who in an interview talks about booking vacations in countries after they’ve been involved in a crisis to save money.

31:08 Joseph asks what limiters Dani encountered entering the business world, Dani talks about how her accent has been problematic for her. Education is a major dividing line for people but it goes both ways. 

36:23 After Joseph points out the dividing line between the book smart vs street smart, Dani responds by also pointing out that universities lack the ability to teach at the speed of society. One way Dani’s philosophy distills down to is “don’t tell me you’re funny, make me laugh.” 

42:33 Joseph and Dani take a few moments to discuss their current stances on AI and how perhaps it can recreate ourselves.

45:00 The moment we’ve all been waiting for, what house were Dani and Joseph sorted into. 

47:58 Because we all have different energy profiles, some are bombastic, some are reserved, Joseph asks Dani about areas certain people may struggle with in order to find their presence on stage. Accepting your energy style is the first step. 

50:53 Joseph is intrigued by the premise of Heroes moving slowly, and asks Dani to expand on this as the first thing that comes to his mind are usually fast people like Superman or Firefighters. 

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