Balancing Masculine and Feminine and Insights from Sacred Sexuality with Michelle Martinez

Delving once again into subject matter intended for our 18+ audience, we’re joined by Sacred Sex and Intimacy coach Michelle Martinez to discuss the challenges facing men and women both in personal matters but in family households, communities and globally. Both Michelle and Joseph share how past experiences involved reputation around their physical appearance and history with intimacy.

Along with that, we cover some sensitive topics such as the masculine designation of God and finding female energy that is it’s equivalent; what AI partners bode for future generations, what needs to be done to help children have healthy, non-traumatizing upbringings and how much of the world’s problems tie in to sexuality. 

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2:25 Michelle has several certifications, sex love and relationship, female sexuality coach and tantric sex coach. She’s still working out how to best characterize herself.  Her larger focus is helping find balance between male and female sexuality. 

4:27 Michelle traces her interest in the coaching profession as far back as high school and the pressure she encountered seeking validation from her physical appearance. 

8:55 To provide some back and forth context, Joseph shares his experience growing up in a Catholic school that was essentially Catholic in name only. 

13:00 Michelle thanks Joseph for sharing his side of the story and reflects on the competitive aspect of male sexual history and it’s problematic nature. It entails a lot of negative habit development

17:00 Joseph shares how contrary to his preconceived notion about relationship building, if not for his physical attraction he would not have developed a much deeper relationship in the weeks that followed. . 

24:30 As part of Michelle’s exploration of the issues we discuss today, she observes that historically God was designated as a male archetype and that there is not an equivalent for females. 

30:00 In trying to find an equal to the male figure of God, Joseph offers the idea of mother nature as a nurturing cosmic entity.

34:32 In exploring the disconnect between ourselves, family and communities. A lot of the fault for that needs to be directed to the top 1% who achieved greater manufacturing prowess by turning production over to places where the people do not get treated with the same dignity we do.

41:22 Michelle brings up her study on body intelligence and how parts of our brain have gone dormant because of our disconnect from our own bodies. 

45:07 Joseph posits that many of the world’s global issues tie in to sex and exploitation; human trafficking, abuse, addiction and infidelity to name a few. Joseph asks Michelle for her expertise on this subject. Michelle’s answer ties in to an invitation for healing to those in need.

52:00 Joseph brings up the challenge upcoming generations are facing. Having access to adult content that is far beyond the boundaries of tasteful or sensible and the effect it’s having on generations growing up. 

1:00 we close this episode out with something intended more for fun but nonetheless it’s an issue on the way; how will AI influence our relationship with tech and one another. 

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