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Embark on Your Be Whole Journey and Claim the Life you Deserve with Katie B Smith

Career and Executive Coach Katie B Smith, having been in the industry for 14 years, has seen first-hand the commercialization of the coaching industry. With her Advanced Corporate Coaching certification from Coach U and Master Coach Certification (MCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF Katie speaks with the knowledge, expertise and authority any client should come to expect from their coaches.

In this episode, we talk about the stark contrast between asking questions vs. giving orders, the nature of leadership as it’s less reliant on structure and more on aligning to a vision and the importance of aligning mind, body and heart to truly unlock our potential for thoughts and actions. 

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Show Notes

3:35: Katie introduces herself to the audience after a brief observation Joseph shares about the state of the working world in general. Katie helps people at the executive level as well as other areas understand and begin working towards the mindset they want and begin living in it. 

5:17 How do we bridge that gap between who we imagine ourselves and who we are now? Joseph shares a prior experience of trying to live in a future state. 

8:34 Katie discusses how Joseph Campbell’s Hero's Journey helped her understand how her previous skills in her career space joined her as she joined the coaching world. 

11:10 Joseph shares a personal story about how his longstanding technical curse wound up putting him in a favorable position, not that it was clear in any way. Joseph asks Katie to share a story along those lines, the choices are limitless. 

16:23 Joseph quotes Katie’s website “We are moving away from the information age to the intuition age” and asks Katie to expand on this as technology is far from slowing down. 

20:30 Joseph shares his take on the value of metaverse tech and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, how these two forward facing innovations will improve the working conditions for what will become much more transient and temporary positions. 

23:34 Katie talks about her online self-paced program that aligns with her book; it ties in head, body and heart and how each of these three components need to be aligned and transformed. 

27:20 Katie tells a story of one of her clients who, just from asking a question, was able to impress the C-suite executive branch, Joseph follows up by asking Katie about how this built his personal brand in the company and what that means.

32:18 Katie expands on the difference between telling someone what to do and the power of asking questions and allowing individuals to gain awareness through thinking about it. 

37:00 Joseph recaps his exposure to coaches and how Katie’s legacy experience has given her perspective to see what have become misconceptions about becoming a coach.

41:44 Joseph shares some of his client relationship experience and how being more personal with them allows for more direct feedback.

45:16 Joseph asks Katie to share her point of view on defensiveness and if there is ever the right time to be defensive, or if it’s an indicator of something else going on between the two arguing people. 

49:46 Joseph shares his point of view on leadership and how influencing the outcome can fall to many different people throughout a project.

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