Self-Actualization for the Individual and for all Humanity with Jean-François Lappas

Jean-François Lappas is a visionary coach and founder of Wabya, the “Uber of Coaching.” Influenced by early mentorship from his mother Pauline and business lessons from the tobacco industry, JF excels in connecting individuals with the right coaches to find their path in life.

In this episode, we explore multifaceted roles coaches play, early influences on professional paths and the concept of God as a collective human effort towards self-actualization.

JF talks about the importance of leadership aligning with actions, his dedication to helping others, and the widespread quest for fulfillment. Join us for insights into personal growth, societal betterment, and modern challenges.

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1:02 Joseph opens the program discussing what new and interesting revelations are on JF’s mind, likewise he shares his own recent excursion to pay tribute to a passed friend. He shares how his perspective on providence comes into the picture as he had a chance to make peace with someone he had previously had an issue with. 

6:14 In exchange, JF reflects on the pop culture beef between two musical artists who could have set more an example for making peace when instead it was done in service for entertainment.

9:22 When asked what JF does, he reflects on the difficulty involved in trying to distill the multi-faceted role he plays as a coach and founder or wabya, as he puts it, the Uber of Coaching to help people find their way by connecting to the right coach. 

13:31 JF is asked what coaching or mentoring he had received early on that may have influenced his desire to serve the coaching world professionally. He remarks that it was his mother Pauline who instilled some of his most important teachings. 

20:20 Joseph and JF go back and forth on the presence and perspective of God, not as just an old wizard in a cloud in Heaven, but as the representation and result of collective human effort to self actualize. 

25:00 Joseph asks JF to delve a little more into his time in the tobacco industry, and how it was tantamount to teaching him all the ins and outs of running a business at scale. JF goes on to reflect on the crucial element of leadership, if they can back up their words with actions. 

29:42 Shifting the conversation to Wabya, before they spend too much time talking about cigarettes, Joseph asks JF if his obligation to help others is tied to his own self realization. 

33:43 JF talks about the vast droves of people who are facing a lack of fulfillment or satisfaction whether that’s large life goals or even just keeping the New Year's Resolution going. Joseph had framed the question as, how to perceive the platform the way a fitness or dating platform may be perceived. 

38:00 Joseph and JF work out the issues with terminology, Joseph often wishes we could call podcasting something else. He asks JF the same thing when it comes to coaching. 

42:39 Joseph shares his takeaway about looking to a dating coach for dating issue because of the mutual frame of reference. JF posits that it can also result in confirmation bias because of that shared experience. 

48:00 Joseph associates Maslow's hierarchy of motivation with a food chain as both have a top and a bottom and are cyclical. JF argues that the chain needs to flatten more and that it has more to do with helping those at the height of their realization feed into humanity’s betterment.

54:30 Joseph and JF share what they consider to be the biggest issue the world is facing, Joseph says it comes from a root chakra problem, whereas JF sees there is an increasing dependency on our system, ala the Matrix.

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