Marc Mawhinney

Marketing, Nurturing and Unraveling Layers of Expertise with Marc Mawhinney

Stepping out of the world of Real Estate and in to helping coaches find their ideal clients, Marc's vast network of working and flourishing professionals indicates only that the industry still has immense growth ahead. This network is in no small part thanks to his stellar program “Natural Born Coaches” He joins Joseph on the program today to discuss what patterns he's observed over the many professionals he's spoke to on the program, what emerging tech is the real deal and the relationship between marketers and coaches.Find Marc online us online Joseph asks Marc to breakdown the scope of the coaching space, how big is the industry really? In spite of its size, marc’s position entails that there is still considerable room for growth. Marc goes on to discuss his journey into space by way of his ten years experience in real estate.5:05 humorously, Joseph asks if there is an additional layer to coaching where you have people who coach the people who coach the people who coach the people who coach the professionals. Marc’s observation is that the great marketers may not be great coaches and vice versa. Joseph observes that great marketers have the ability to expand the market and create new customers, and asks Marc if that is true in coaching.12:56 After a lengthy talk about rooting for local stores over big (and even temporary) businesses, Joseph asks Marc to tell his story, how he got to be the coaching expert he is today. Marc's key positions include avoiding paid ads and cold reach outs. We lament about the insincerity of online banter of sales reach outs. 24:34 Joseph asks Marc to expound on the compulsion for coaches to become nurturers and non-sellers. Conversely Joseph also asks about some of the warning signs of people who are no good as coaches, but lead customers to believe otherwise. 28:00 We talk about one key red flag where people hop on to the latest trends such as threads, Joseph illustrates some of the difference between what's the real deal say in crypto/AI vs Threads, the ones that stick tend to resolve a longstanding need and the ones that don't are either too early or too driven out of emotionality 35:04 Joseph asks Marc about a recurring theme on the show, the idea of digging into the issues that are indicated by their conscious, surface level issues. But more specifically in this case, Joseph asks if he’s noticed his own unique patterns in Marc's podcast over time. 40:31 A great discussion unfolds around the nature of vulnerability in the media, Marc initially answers the previous question and is surprised how even the most put together coaches can still be vulnerable, Joseph’s point of view comes from fearing the extent by which being vulnerable can remain indelible online. 44:48 owing to the anxiety that many people face economically, Joseph asks Marc what he sees when he considers the divide between the financially well off and the ones struggling.

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