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Learning Through Lively Engagement with Jacqueline Stockwell

Feeling the fear and pressing on through it describes the defining milestone today's guest Jacqueline Stockwell experienced as she exited her work in National Health Services and ventured into entrepreneurship with her family owned, run and staffed business Leadership Through Data. Now active in multiple countries, she and her partner have created a method of teaching and training in the field of Information Governance, Data Privacy etc that truly values the human mind.

On today's episode, we discuss the unique, data-driven approach to educating those in the workforce on these important subjects that are not known for stirring excitement. Apart from making the training lessons more fun for it's own sake, Jacqueline discusses how her key methods have shown a remarkable improvement to retention.

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1:02: Jacqueline explains how Leadership Through Data came to be after her work in the National Health Services. We delve a bit in to the contentious nature of Complaints management which she worked in as well.

6:23 Joseph asks Jacqueline about her experience is complaints management. Jacqueline expounds on her relationship between her personality and the work.

9:36 Jacqueline expands on the empathetic nature of trying to find the deeper issue going on with the grief stricken, bereaved and just generally ornery. These most difficult of cases often because the best Information Champions are the result of great service

14:01 the difference between leaders and managers as it relates to Information management. The key is that managers make sure the vision of the leader's is maintained at all levels.

18:41 Jacqueline's dyslexia was an influence over what kind of information she was able to learn from and thus wanted to offer a different product on the market that would reflect that.

22:45 Jacqueline talks about the possible deviation between kinds of learnings and kinds of teachings.

27:11 Joseph continues on with his theory about familial imprint and gets Jacqueline’s take on it.

35:00 Jacqueline discusses what some of the content she teaches includes Microsoft Office, re-engaging the prior thread about making information digestible

40:10 Joseph asks about how important fun and liveliness is to the presentation

44:51 Joseph asks if there were situations where LTD was compelled to refrain from their trademark presentation method.

48:26 We touch briefly on the new ways of teaching and presenting that may be available too us through VR.

51:07 The key mindset takeaway from this episode is about feeling the fear; what it takes to allow, observe and respond to the dread that can overtake us

59:18 We wrap the episode talking about wanting to expand more in the west, getting our messages out for search engines and social media.

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