Impact in Times of Crisis with Corey Saban

With 15 years of news media coverage under his belt, Corey Saban not only experienced some of the western world's most significant historical events, he covered them. Corey's platform today, draws on that storied history to provide coaching services to today's leaders, storytellers and entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Corey shares how his experience in news media shaped his ability to see both sides with empathy, how to help company's prepare for and respond to crisis in the burgeoning online space and how he discovered what his talents were over the years.

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2:35 Corey shares a distinction Facts and Story. Facts are for telling and stories are for selling selling. Corey also outlines the rest of his career platform including crisis management..

3:41 What make’s Corey’s value unique to the space, how he worked out his unique offering. His logic has to do with being honest about what you’re good at and what you aren't.

7:56 How does Corey merge the emotionality of the story with the results driven corporation?

12:12 How Corey deals with a cynical customer base, who aren’t so easily convinced that the company telling them a story is coming from a place of sincerity

15:54 how Corey touches on the journey of turning an ornery customer into an ambassador.

18:00 Joseph and Corey trade stories on how customer satisfaction is the responsibility of both sides.

24:40 Corey details his journey from sports casting to news coverage and the impact that some of USA’s major world events had on him in his career.

32:07 Corey transitioned out of the media in 2008 finding he had done as much as he can as a newscaster.

41:15 Joseph asks what Corey’s experience joined him as he began CSmediaworks and what generated organically as he developed his business

45:06 To Joseph’s surprise, Corey says that dealing with crisis management is easier today than it was in the past with the onset of social media.

49:10 A small part of the conversation about dealing with people who overreact to problems.

53:12 Corey talks about the company Tylenol as an example of how to correctly and empathetically handle a bad situation.

55:00 How to channel nerves especially when public speaking.

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