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Managing Stress and Confidence with Robin Sacks

Robin Sacks found working in News Media put her normally positive outlook on life to the test, as the industry is built on projecting a negative image of the world. Taking her performative experience with her, she began her journey into the world of speaking and in just one year was sought after for her enthusiasm and perspective.

In this episode we discuss how storytelling was essential to standing out in news media, how confidence and stress are on opposite ends of a balancing scale and practical tips on how to deal with the inner bully that lives within all of us.

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5:13 Robin introduces her as a confidence coach as 99% of what we do comes back to confidence. Her space is in executive public speaking.

6:44 Because we bring a lot of speaking and speaking adjacent coaches on the program, Joseph asks Robin what she feels brings uniqueness to the role? Robin’s point of view comes from the fact that we are all in some way a part of the speaking business, be it CEO of a bank or server at a diner.

10:42 We talk about the seriousness of stress, Joseph asks Robin just how much we should be taking it into consideration and using it correctly. Robin discusses Eustress, the positive benefits of it. She illustrates how stress and confidence are on opposite ends of a seesaw.

16:30 Joseph asks how Robin designs confidence as part of his recurring theme of asking the experts to define things. Confidence as Robin states it, is the ability to be in self control. Not to control situations or others, as both of those are much less plausible.

19:16 Robin details her journey and voluntary departure from news media, having been drawn to live performance and presentation but not necessarily acting. She found herself noticing a significant negative bent towards the news that evades the positive side, even though there is one.

23:00 The next chapter in Robin’s journey entails speaking for free for a year before receiving her first offer, which was such a surprise and delight but warranted phone calls to all her associates who could help her figure out how much to charge.

29:06 Joseph reflects on his recent experience watching tv news, not seeing it every day and compares it to storytelling; because stories require conflict, there is negativity but then there is the positivity that goes with it. Joseph asks if this ever was true in news media

38:53 Joseph puts himself on the dais to address the problem of the inner bully, talking about how even his friends can feel like they’re putting him through it. Robin’s most distinguished point in the discussion is to understand that our brains have to keep us safe, not happy.

45:00 Robin discusses the importance of self journalism, when faced with issues that affect us mentally, observing the facts are critical to overcoming the doubts.

49:05 Joseph asks Robin to break down the techniques she mentioned earlier for stress management and confidence boosting.

51:12 One technique, to focus on responding rather than reacting. The key to responding and not reacting is to take a breath.

57:36 Giving the self talk a name. The inner narrator is telling us a lot of things but isn’t necessarily telling us the truth.

1:00:01 Talk to yourself like you would a friend you respect.

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