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Discover the Benefits of Training with Purpose Today with Michael S Parker of FORGE

Michael of Forge PT is outspoken and passionate about his work in the health field and has been for his entire life, he realized throughout his time in the industry that mindset coaching was either overlooked or ignored flat out, this prompted the change he wanted to make in the world as without mindset, nothing else can be actualized. 

The one question that had been on Joseph’s mind the most in relation to health and fitness is whether or not there are any noticeable benefits in the short term. Obviously working out is meant to be rewarding in the long run but many of us need some feedback in the short term as well to keep us going. This answer any many other pressing ones like it can be found onward in this episode of The Impactful Coaching Podcast.

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1:40 When Michael said he’s usually well, Joseph inquires as to what being off his game feels like. Michael speaks to the difficulty of being prepared for all of life’s unexpected challenges. In return Joseph shares how ChatGPT has served as a useful tool to help Joseph comprehend and cope with issues of a similar significance. 

6:35 Joseph asks what role Michael plays in the coaching world, he shares his role as founder and CEO of the online coaching platform FORGE that prioritizes stability in fitness, nutrition and proper habit management. Michael’s vast experience in fitness and health stems from sales and service in a 24 hour gym all the way to C-Suite roles of major organizations. 

9:17 Joseph observed through his own research and what had been discussed so far that Michael has dedicated his life to fitness and wellness, to be certain Joseph asks if anything did come before, but also what sparked this level of commitment? 

12:11 Michael gives his definition of habits, the essence of today’s episode. We speak to the comparison between young and old when it comes to developing and managing habits.

19:19 Joseph shares some takeaways about accountability and having the knowledge to dispel bad habits, and then not implementing those changes almost as an act of rejection against societal norms. 

24:50 Michael asks Joseph to expand on what issues Joseph thinks have been the most pressing for people when it comes to rejecting or abdicating responsibility.

33:50 Joseph asks Michael about a potential issue that Joseph refers to as “angelization” the opposite of demonization. Instead of giving a dark habit power that can in turn overwhelm us, we give something positive too much power and then think we no longer deserve it. 

36:00 Joseph asks if there are immediate effects of committing to training as society continues to grow into an immediate gratification world that is problematic in nature. It is a many layered subject that includes self esteem and self worth at being able to take those first few steps. 

44:16 Joseph asks Michael what makes working out at a gym enjoyable, it’s obvious to Joseph why something like swimming or paintball is fun, and the health gain is inherent, but he doesn’t see the fun in a direct workout so how are people motivated to do it? Michael says it has to do with training for something we do want to do. 

54:02 As we close out the program (gradually, we had quite a lot to discuss) Joseph asks what is the significance of the 90-day habit transformation, why not 30? Or 60? 

1:04 Michael reflects on his position historically on social media and how he had come to his own conclusion about its functionality. 

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