Flipping the Table on Success, Dan Ram and the Impact of Personal Coaching

Speaker Coach, Event MC and 5x TEDx speaker Dan Ram has made his mark in the world of Government, Business, Entertainment and beyond. His motto “Start Now, Start Simple” resonates with the many prominent figureheads throughout the world he’s acted as their personal coach, mentor, trainer and advocate. Despite his presence on the world’s stage (including many literal stages) Dan remains blessed and humble, wanting to be the man providing aid to others all around the world.

In this episode, we talk about when is it time to build a team out, who’s inspired Dan, his history wherein he graduated in a tumultuous economic time and much more. Where many coaches are drawn to working with groups, Dan makes it a point to focus working one-on-one as he deems it far more impactful, knowing what these people go on to do in their career.

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2:55 Dan and Joseph warm up on pontificating about the reason why aliens visit the USA of all places.

4:31 Joseph asks Dan about the point in his career when he needed to build out a team to help him continue to help others.

8:56 Dan enjoys success because of his community and its why he continues to act as a support to others

14:43 The story of Jesus is Dan’s cherished inspiration of someone who’s devoted his life to serving others

22:00 as a necessity, Dan had to find his own way of employment, having graduated during one of the worst times in economic history. 

31: How Dan focuses on the human side of the people he works with, in spite or their status or prestige

34 Dans usage of smart goals for processes which are consistent but the people he helps are so diverse

42:00 Why Dan prefers 1 to 1 coaching over group coaching or masterminds. 

50:01 Dan closes the program about by considering the global shift towards freelancing, gigging and self employment.

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