Greg Faxon

Discovering Your Niche and Fulfilling Your Roster with Greg Faxon

Seeing a greater means of impact, Greg Faxon took his marketing knowledge with him into coaching in his early twenties and has since then established himself as the go-to source for helping coaches fill their roster with great clients. Greg provides insights into niche pivoting, highlighting the journey of a productivity coach who shifted from helping moms to entrepreneurs, amplifying her impact. Explore the keys to handling negative feedback and objections, emphasizing the importance of secure systems and effective communication.Explore the fundamental importance of providing upfront value in marketing strategies and uncover the limiting beliefs Greg faced in his early twenties, along with the advantages his marketing background offered. Discover the myth surrounding 1-on-1 coaching and why group settings can be a powerful revenue driver.Join us today to learn how to think differently about what niche you want to serve and even delve into some interesting conversational philosophy that you haven’t heard anywhere else.
Find Greg online us online Notes3:05 Joseph asks Greg about the significance of paddleboarding on a Wednesday, looking to learn about its ritualistic value. Through it, Joseph shares some of his ideas on how to uniquely structure a week and asks Greg in turn, what unique structure he’s brought to his own table. 8:17 Joseph and Greg follow up this conversation by acknowledging the value in a structured workplace as it relates to human physiology. Greg shares how the first hour of his day is the best time to work with the goal of generating revenue10:45 Joseph asks Greg to define his role; he helps clients fill their roster faster. Greg initially worked in marketing and found a struggle early on to be taken seriously as a life coach. 15:25 reflecting on his observation when it comes to something as pedestrian as cereal, Joseph notes the importance of having value to provide upfront and asks Greg if he’s seen marketing strategies that subvert this foundational matter. 19:25 Joseph asks Greg to share some of the limiting beliefs he faced as an early twenty-year old trying to make his way in coaching, but conversely what edge his marketing background gave him.23:43 Focusing more on limiting beliefs, Greg talks about issues being faced both by newcomer and veteran coaches alike. Most people who get to 10k find that they needed to quit other things and narrow down to your profitable offers and niches. 26:48 Greg demystifies a common myth about the coaching space as it relates to selectively working in group settings rather than 1on1 as 1on1 can seem the least ideal when it comes to revenue. 31:33 Joseph asks about any specific examples of niche pivoting, aside from the example Greg provides, he also indicates that many if not most coaches are prone to pivot in their career. Greg’s example is a productivity coach, who pivoted from helping moms to entrepreneurs, same problem but more impactful clients. 36:20 Handling mistakes and pushback from customers and clients is never fun or easy, Joseph asks Greg what are the keys to handling negative feedback, involving having a secure system in place and a paper trail. Joseph also gives some time to explore the other side of being the customer and raising objections.41:00 Joseph doesn’t anticipate how enthused Greg is about his “rock paper scissors” philosophy to conflict resolution, so Joseph shares how people have different conversational edges over each other. 47:04 Joseph asks Greg to paint a holistic picture of the coaching world, he breaks it down into niches; b2b/b2c, there are roughly ten, business, exec, relationship. Joseph ties it together by talking about the quiz he took. 54:39 we close out the episode talking about challenges Greg’s business is facing, he talks about trying to stay in his lane and stay focused.

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