Anna Morgenstern

Dating and Self Discovery at the Center of Excellence with Anna Morgenstern

Having encountered a significant culture shock coming into New York City from San Francisco, Anna Morgenstern thought very carefully about whether or not advertising was going to remain her field of work for the foreseeable future. Instead, she reflected on her longstanding interest in dating as a subject and it eventually turned into a renowned coaching platform.

In this episode, we discuss the patterns and behaviors that can have a substantial impact on who we date, to the point where we quite literally date the same person but with different birth certificates; the stark contrast between dating online compared to dating in person and reflecting on our past issues in order to approach dating with more health and good intentions.

1:04 The conversation starts up with a brief revelation that “cuffing season” is a real thing and that the fall season does influence people to find romantic partners.

3:30 What got Anna into her profession was a lifelong interest in dating, from a psychology state as well. She talks about the distinct experience that dating in San Francisco has compared to other places, most college educated men

7:04 Joseph talks about previous dating experience to give the audience a sense of where our speakers are coming from, Joseph shares his experience also in the interest of dispelling any preconceived notion that he was good at dating.

10:52 Joseph asks about the milestones and challenges that come from long-term relationships, what can be hard to anticipate after seven years for instance. The three month window is a good amount of time before the mask comes off.

12:48 Anna finishes talking about her dating experience and what led her to becoming a dating coach.

16:43 Joseph asks about how the financial implications of living in New York City impacted her decision making along with how it relates to the clients. Anna talks about how, as expensive as New York is, it also attracts excellence and confidence in those who are drawn to it.

20:41 Joseph asks about what industries New York is known for; Anna talks about the financial sector that's attractive to men and fashion which leans heavily into the female side.

22:50 Joseph asks about the implications of online dating, Anna shares that there have been successes but also it has had a serious negative impact on people’s mental health as well as potentially physically unsafe.

29:16 Paying homage to one of our first episodes, Joseph asks about the unique setting of a dating event and how to find that balance between having goals and also having a good time.

33:30 Joseph asks about the relationship between past trauma and overcoming it in order to be ready to experience a healthy relationship and be a good partner. One of Anna’s suggestions is to do more volunteer work to gain perspective and empathy.

31:55 Joseph asks Anna about her point of view on imprinting familial familiarity on potential partners.

45:20 What are Anna’s challenges from the past and what challenges is she facing going into the future.

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