Jackie Nagel

Driving Entrepreneurship Through Unconventional Thinking and Innovation with Jackie Nagel

Jackie Nagel always questioned the conventional path society set for her, using her keen interests in mathematics and sciences she carved her own path in life from nursing to sales and of course coaching.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of data-based decision making, unconventional thinking and dealing with the messy middle where businesses are typically stuck. We also take some time to talk about the preventative actions entrepreneurs should be taking to keep burnout from setting in.

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3:14 After a slightly longer warmup than usual, Jackie shares with the audience what she does as a career and in the coaching space. Joseph asks if she has a long-standing history with this.

6:40 Jackie’s experience as a coach is longstanding, she discusses how initially coaching had more to do with asking questions and helping people find their context, but that was not doable for entrepreneurs who had none.

9:07 Joseph recalls being part of the alternative group in high school and characterizes them in all the usual ways and asks in what ways were Jackie’s personality traits distinguished.

14:45 We touch on the nature of rule abiding, that while we can generally reason and discuss why a rule should be followed, to truly abide by them is to have a deep, resonant fear of the consequences, Joseph asks Jackie for her take on this.

18:39 Growing up just as the internet became publicly, commercially accessible, it had a profound change on what structures and institutions Joseph abided by, he asked Jackie what was her societal change along those lines.

23:13 Jackie talks about her point of view on the internet and the degree of skepticism she takes when she examines information or opinion online. Joseph notices how the abundance of information can lead to inspiration but it can also lead to paralysis.

27:20 What is the messy middle? Jackie breaks down this common pitfall that entrepreneurs are falling into.

34:48 Is it an issue, bridging the gap between the client that a business has worked with in the past and a higher-ticket client that we want to appeal to? Jackie explains it’s about the relationship between cost and value.

40:54 Jackie details what value the solutions on the fly offer provides for her existing clients.

45:31 on the subject of burnout, Jackie finds that trying to make small, incremental changes to improve the health of entrepreneurs. Easier to talk people in to 10 minute workouts vs going to the gym.

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