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The Power of Solopreneurialism with Col Fink

Bio: As a speaker, writer, coach and father, it’s reasonable to wonder how our guest Col Fink has the energy for it all, but after speaking to him for an hour one begins to wonder how the world keeps up with him.

In this episode of The Impactful Coaching Podcast, we learn about what is significant about Solopreneurialism; being the core of your own business and the freedom it offers. We also delve into what is the essence of energy and what you need to know before stepping on stage as a speaker.

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4:36 What Col is up to these days in his professional field. He speaks to great extent about the power of solo-preneurialims. He talks about some of the written material he’s produced along the way.

7:30 Col makes a point that while there are great feats only capable through capitalism, we can not expect companies or other bodies to make it work in our own individual best interest, that’s us.

14:30 The second part to answer this question is to take full responsibility for the commercial side of the business and not just the work itself.

18:49 Dialing in to the subject of energy, Joseph reflects on how his creative writing has instilled him with energy (as opposed to draining him of it which was his initial prediction) the idea that resonated with Col is the concept of a line that you’re either above or below.

21:10 A lot of what Col considers inefficient methods of self improvement consists of below the line plans, he advises to treat oneself like an experiment.

24:07 Joseph reflects on the idealized form of productivity as often displayed by influencers and gurus, and that the idea of working 9-5 correlates with sleep patterns, but despite a sincere attempt to function within this structure many simply don’t fit regardless.

28:56 Joseph asks Col to define energy, a continuation of his long-running goal of asking guests to define (or perhaps redefine) terms as our understanding of them changes in the modern day. Col observes that energy and matter are intrinsically the same. Being able to attract clients stems from being able to provide them with energy and nurturing it.

33:20 Joseph reflects on the tokenization of energy in that he had previously used that concept when discussing time, each hour can be quantified as bronze, silver gold and platinum, however, without energy these values are outside of our control.

38:27 Joseph talks about the trifecta of time-money-energy and how having to put so much energy into earning it can deflate the satisfaction of using it. Col observes that money isn’t really spent, it’s the bridge between spending energy and receiving it.

43:38 Joseph asks Col what is the dividing line that defines a solopreneur both in the symbolic sense but also in the contractual sense. Col finds that there is a spectrum rather than a line or barrier. The preferred point of view that makes it clear is, if someone were to abandon their business, the business would end, hence solopreneurialism.

48:48 Is there motivation to retain personal involvement in solopreneurialism? Joseph asks about having ongoing digital or print on demand products as a matter of continuity. Col finds that many who are drawn to these products are acting way too soon in their career.

54:35 What can people do to get started on public speaking? As a start, do not worry about the money. Interestingly, there is a price threshold you have to cross to be worth paying for.

56:26 Col talks about the importance of catalyzing people into action as the basis of any good speech. It’s not enough to be a good speaker, you have to make the speech about them.

1:00:06 Col talks about the bell curve on which we all exist, no one is average on every curve but in actuality everyone excels and falters in different ways.

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