Ireene Siniakis

Reshape your Mind and BODI (Body) Through Long Term Diet and Lifestyle Change with Ireene Siniakis

Spurned on by a desire to look and feel as good as her friends, Ireene Siniakis’ was on her way  to becoming a renowned coach handling all things diet, weight-loss and mindset for women as young as twenty and as old as seventy. Ireene believes that we’ve only got one shot on this planet and we have to make the best of it.

In this episode, we touch on the reasons why people are drawn to fitness, what points in a woman’s life do they find most fixated on pursuing change and deferring purpose to a higher power.

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3:30 Ireene is a weight loss coach first and foremost. She finds that weight loss is just the surface issue, and that it's much more about life coaching.

4:50 Joseph asks Ireene what has drawn her and kept her to the weightloss/health industry. The idea of going to the gym to build muscle was new for her. At the time, there weren’t really PTs, just fitness instructors roaming the gym floor

8:06 Ireene notices that everyone has the same problem, we all want to look and feel good, it comes down to diet, prompting her to set up an online course and website. She realizes it's all about mindset.

10:33 Ireene’s reflection of her personal image really boils down to how she felt. As she works with women, comparing to each other is something they tend to do quite a lot of.

14:09 there are a wide range of reasons why someone is drawn to exercise, Ireene discusses the appeal of vanity. She reasons that she still eats what she wants and enjoys but is willing to work it off. Not going to the gym causes a mental deficit.

18:00 Joseph asks what mindset is, although it's been discussed many times, Joseph wanted to get a pristine definition of it from Ireene. Mindset as she defines it is an attitude or energy towards something.

23:11 A lot of the women who reach out to Ireene are in need of help, Ireene needs them to tap into a spiritual side or “woowoo” to get the ball rolling. It also needs to be said that to get results, it's a lot of tiring work.

26:32 change comes incrementally. Ireene turns to the universe and asks “how good can today be?”

30:00 Joseph and Ireene briefly swap points of view when it comes to customer service and expect standards from those in that line of work.

35:18 How we treat others as customers is also an indicator of how we treat family, friends, co-workers and more. Although our circles shrink, our peace grows.

37:30 Joseph asks how Ireene knows the right time to defer to a higher power.

42:12 Joseph asks Ireene about some of the most impactful transformations Ireene saw in her clients.

50:15 Ireene handles mismanagement of planning by going back to the reason the guest reached out.

57:00 Joseph asks about Ireene’s diet, presumably we all want to know what a health and fitness coach has for her meals.

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