Suba Lakshminarasimham

Navigating Emotional Challenges in the Corporate World with Suba Lakshminarasimham

In this episode, we delve deep into the complexities of the corporate world with our guest, Suba Lakshminarasimham. As a seasoned expert in the coaching space, Suba shares her expertise in the C-D-E suite, focusing on leadership, workplace conflict management, and self-management.

We explore the unique emotional duress experienced by leaders impacting millions globally and the specific techniques Suba employs to address these challenges such as Systemic Coaching.

We unravel the layers of emotional intelligence, leadership challenges, and the evolving landscape of the workplace, offering valuable lessons and strategies for professionals and leaders alike.

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2:35 Suba talks about her role in the coaching space, she largely works in the C-D-E suite space, the three areas she works in the space; leadership, workplace conflict management and self management.

4:45 Joseph sidesteps the conversation briefly to ask what is the D suite, knowing the other two.

6:55 Joseph asks how does “emotional management” become a known issue? Do people come to Suba in need of aid or does it come from identifying the issue? Posting on Linkedin tends to attract people who align to her expertise.

10:42 Joseph observes that there is a potential level of emotional duress that is only uniquely experienced by people who are running companies that impact potentially millions of people worldwide. Suba makes an effort to provide specific techniques

14:35 Suba and Joseph talk about the counterweight to this ongoing theme and determine if there is a necessity to always dig deeper. Can we find surface issues that are just surface issues? Suba introduces Systemic Coaching.

19:42 When working in group sessions, one person may be the focus and thus is gaining the most valuable insight, so how does working in a group setting allow for that kind of inward focus?

24:37 What has been a situation where Suba has to understand the limits of her expertise and defer to another specialist/supervisor.

27:50 Dialing into workplace conflicts, Joseph shares his own particular story around dealing with this matter and the wisdom he wished he had at the time.

34:57 Joseph tells his personal story of trying to resolve an ongoing conflict at work, and found that the grief induced was invalidated based on the results, thus necessitating a departure from the company. Joseph asks who is supposed to take responsibility for the well being of each employee. As part of the answer, Suba distills it to energy exchange.

41:10 Joseph asks if there are case studies or examples where the people/employees have been able to affect change upwards.

48:41 As the program winds down, Joseph asks Suba what perspective change does Suba retain from her time in school?

55:03 Joseph asks about the troubling change in tech and innovation that as things change so rapidly, we may not be developing a generation who can actually develop long-term skills in anything. Joseph asks Suba for her point of view on this.

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