Clearing the Karmic Circle, Carlene Sullivan Returns to Interview Host Joseph Ianni

The Impactful Coaching Podcast welcomes back Carlene Sullivan, who after joining us as a guest felt a great drive to return to the program and give Joseph a chance to say his peace. While those who listen to every episode may have heard quite a bit from Joseph, nonetheless this is a rare opportunity for the script to truly be flipped.

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Find us online Joseph hands the reigns of the show over to Carlene who has rejoined on the program to help Joseph clear the karmic circle.

11:30 Carlene hears Joseph’s initial tale about how he was feeling lately and delves in to the key term that Joseph shared in his prep doc, which is struggle. Carlene associated him saying that with the fact that struggle is used in the intro.

17:00 Carlene asks what Joseph would visualize as his struggle, Joseph relates it to his career and work.

24:00: Joseph shares insights in to why he wants to write a fantasy novel, what kind of work he wants to do and why he feels background acting is such a profound experience.

34:21 Carlene notices Joseph’s usage of the term consistency, She observes consistency can lead to boredom, which would actually inhibit Joseph’s ability to move forward.

46:40 Carlene reflects on her own history of perceiving success with her story at the onset of covid, this relates to Joseph’s project as well and how his novel is less about commercial success but that it serves as a reflection of him and as his writing resume.

56:00 Accountability is the essence of karma, by taking accountability we in essence can clear our karmic circle.

1:01:07 Joseph reflects on whether or not he believes life is a game and he doesn’t feel that way.

1:17:00 Joseph wants to delve deeper in to karma, he asks “how do we know we’re moving in the right karmic direction?”

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