Carlene Sullivan

Trusting Our Biological and Evolutionary Intuition with Carlene Sullivan

From an early age, our guest Carlene Sullivan had developed a pristine spiritual attunement and her wisdom on today’s episode showcases the results of a lifetime spent honing that ability. Though spiritual in nature, this episode nonetheless draws valid conclusions through observation of patterns in our everyday lives. 

For instance, if we were to all view the same pen, would we not have independent thoughts associated with it? What natural behaviors in animals could characterize us also? Or that we can take control of techniques like manifestation and vision-boarding, treating them not powers above us but ones we are above. This wisdom and more is the essence of today’s episode. 

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Show Notes:

2:31 Joseph informs the nature of today’s episode is one about intuition and spirituality, he then asks what Carlene does on a daily basis. Before delving into the response Carlene makes a point about the difficulty in being able to fully articulate her role within the confines of language.

7:05 Joseph reflects on the “For Dummies” series and the humility it offers compared to other literature out there and asks Carlene if any literature had aligned to her role.

12:03 Carlene notices the phrase “I know” said by people she works with, for even the most basic of suggestions. And yet despite what we know there are still vast barriers keeping us from being able to actualize that knowledge. 

16:11 Joseph reflects on where some of his generation’s anxieties stem from, particularly that our array of skills pale in comparison to skills that more reflect the human experience like hunting or building a log cabin. He asks Carlene to reflect on what anxieties she’s seen based on generational experience. 

22:27 Carlene asks Joseph to visualize what a dog does when it gets out of water, and how that specific behavior is tied to its instincts and judgment. 

28:36 Carlene relates the story of our evolution from the stubborn neanderthals and that so few of our ancestors carried the weight of what is now our human race. it stands to reason that the same is happening to use again now. 

35:00 There is an immutable truth to the trajectory of our growth, Carlene emphasizes this by pointing out, quite logically, that a seed becomes a plant not a zebra. 

40:33 Joseph, while being mostly passive this episode, shares an insight that has stemmed from hearing Carlene’s words of wisdom and posits that we have been the machines all along, we were practically cogs during the industrial revolution. 

46:21 Joseph thinks about the infamous Charlie Chaplain story where he won 3rd place in a competition to see who could be the Charlie Chaplain. Joseph brings this up because it reminds him of our unique imprint and how that imprint changes moment to moment, what others recall of us is always in the past. 

51:51 Carlene and Joseph discuss the premise of humanity’s evolution ten thousand years from now, what will we become?

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