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Speak From Your Place of Authenticity with Elliot Kay

Elliot Kay, in the pursuit of authenticity has reinvented (and reinvigorated) his brand multiple times throughout his career between Speaker Express, the supporting businesses and his multiple written works.

In this episode, Joseph makes authenticity a central theme of this episode and talks to Elliot about the nature of it as it relates to being able to handle hecklers, make a sensible career path and yes, make money. Elliot’s ten years of experience really shows this episode.

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2:42 Joseph, in an effort to kick things off organically, asks Elliot what does the #bemoregiraffe tag entail? Joseph guesses that it has to do with the perspective of having an elongated neck, the reasoning is about standing out and being different.

4:54 We follow up on this opening dialogue about standing out by discussing doing it for the right reasons and doing it for the wrong ones.

7:08 We learn about what Elliot does in the coaching world, in terms of cochin, Elliot helps people in their industry get speaking opportunities, and become influencers (bot not tiktok kind)

10:04 Joseph makes an effort to always ask about what skills and experience came into relevance entering the coaching space, Joseph dials specifically into Elliot’s dancing experience. Elliot surmises that time keeping, discipline and hard work were derived from dancing.

17:17: Joseph asks Elliot if he ever has had issues enjoying material because of the sacrifice and suffering that entertainment industries are known for. Elliot finds a distinction between having a dream and having a passion

22:53 what sets Elliot Kay’s speaking coaching apart, aside from his good looks of course. Advocating for standing out, covering all aspects “marketing, training, acquiring companies” to own the whole speaker journey

26:31 Elliot’s speaker express was started in 2011 but he was coaching prior to that. One particularly interesting standout is that they added a speaker club night to give students real life training

29:51 The experiential learning side of the business, as Joseph noticed derived from the speaking club Joseph asks what is left for the speaker to discover being on stage for the first time for real (as in, at a TEDX or something to that effect)

38:14 after a lengthy discussion about heckling and comedy, Joseph closes out the heckling question by wondering if one of Elliot’s case studies knew internally what she’d be heckled over.

41:18 Joseph asks Elliot about what goes into a speaking audit, a first time ask on the program. We also ask about the gig getter service and what value it brings

48:37 Joseph ties the conversation together by talking about reinvention and authenticity. Elliot makes some great case examples like Madonna or Pantera who’s art evolved and retained authenticity as a result.

51:27 speaking IS selling

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