Overcoming Anxiety and Facing Adversity Through Curiosity with Matthew Matheson

Anxiety affects each of us in a unique way and thus each of us have to deal with it in an equally unique approach. Our guest today, Speaker Coach Matthew Matheson has worked with clients over the course of his career take this anxiety head-on and find an inner confidence.

In this episode we go in to great detail on how anxiety in 2023 is addressed, using abstraction to visualize our emotions in a way that allows us to approach challenges with curios intelligence and how vulnerability is meant to be a strength, not a drawback.

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Show Notes:

4:01 what Matthew does as a speaker coach in the realm of self expression, confidence and overcoming anxiety

5:22 What Matthew did in the corporate world prior to becoming a coach, finding that people were coming to him for aid in this area. Digital media bg. Self discovery trial in India. Studying improv.

9:56 Matthew’s observation on how coaches enter the space as a matter of drive or circumstance

13:28 Matthew discusses personal and professional boundaries when helping others off the clock.

18:23 Matthew’s experience learning improv in the UK, the center of the comedy universe.

23:46 Discussing how to handle negativity with maturity and intelligence.

26:08 Matthew’s perception of anxiety and what its like now in 2023

29:53 Joseph posits how anxiety from the past manifests fear of the future.

41:20 Matthew’s take on vulnerability; sharing too much, too little, or getting it just right

48:00 Joseph asks about the addictive nature of fear and anxiety, Matthew gives it his take but disclaimer, neither of us are certified on the subject.

52:12 What is The Church of fail?

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