Gino Perrotte

Impactful Communication Through Body Language, Style and Four Ways to Listen with Gino Perrotte

With a distinct array of experience in academia, culture and communication expert Gino Perrotte draws from his time in both artistic and cultural areas such as fashion and gymnastics but also his time in corporate management to provide an empathic yet logical service as a coach. His belief in travel as a true experiential endeavor has led him to places like Italy where his communication skills help him understand not just what locals are saying but how and why.

In this episode, Gino shares with our audience the four kinds of listening styles and how each one can come in handy depending on the circumstances, how to discern your true inner worth so that you can understand where your value is positioned in the market and how we communicate with everything at our disposal; hands, eyes, shirts, background and especially hair.

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1:22 What does Gino do, asks Joseph. Gino largely is an educator, full time academic and lecturer.

2:02 How Gino made his way into becoming a college lecturer as a result of his interest in teaching, starting as a teaching assistant.

4:50 Joseph asks Gino to expand on his experience with FIT, the Fashion Institute of technology in New York.

9:50 Joseph observes his experience with Gino’s insights into hair, eyes and clothing and how it communicates on our behalf.

11:56 Gino puts the rest of the story together, and how his gymnastics passion allowed him to become a coach/teacher, despite his perception of being a business expert.

18:23 Joseph notices the elasticity of Gino’s experience leads to his ability to coach and instruct on behalf of his platform.

21:00 Gino's main critique of education is separating and compartmentalizing when the beauty of experience is the interconnectedness of all things

23:59 Gino provides us with a left brain, right brain hemisphere definition. Joseph shares his experience with his partner, a stroke survivor as it relates to our episode.

28:05 How to communicate and understand your value stems from worthiness, which is intrinsic to all of us and at times is difficult to reconcile.

32:00 Joseph and Gino discuss worthiness as it relates to us as humans in an intimate sense.

38:25 Joseph asks about the four listening skills, a framework Gino uses to great effectiveness in his business.

42:00 Joseph asks how to develop the detached listener mindset, the ability to hear noises but not resonate with the destructive things they're saying.

47:31 Gino shares some early lessons learned as well as some standout experiences that went well.

51:06 Joseph asks Gino about how to mitigate these avatars of people who’ve wronged us in our own minds.

59:00 we close out the program with Gino discussing what are his plans for the future and what challenges his platform is chasing.

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