Sarah Powell

Matchmaking Driven by Values and Psychology with Sarah Powell of Maclynn International

Managing Partner of Maclynn International Sarah Powell joins us on the program today to delve into the offline world of professional, curated matchmaking services for high-achievers. Sarah’s background in Biological Sciences and credentials in Applied Behavioral Analysis has given her a distinct psychology driven edge which made her a natural fit for matchmaking. 

In this episode, take special note of Maclynn International’s 5-step methodology for dating; while the expert guidance of Maclynn is available, even knowing these 5 steps could make an enormous improvement on your prospects in dating and in life

2:50 Sarah clarifies what is the difference between a platform and an agency as it’s a common misconception. Incidentally this is the first time Joseph fully understood what makes a platform a platform. 

5:12 We go three for three, asking Sarah to entail her dating experience and how building her experience in the industry helped her figure out her own ideals. 

8:10 Joseph asks about Sarah’s experience personally and if she felt pressure to improve in dating, what we agree on is that being on a journey is valuable to somewhere mastery may be too distant. 

13:05 Sarah breaks down the 5-step matchmaking methodology that is value driven and psychology based. 

18:21 The first step being about self-introspection and honesty, Joseph asks if the history of a person’s issues lead to protecting one's own ego at the cost of honesty.

24:44 In discussing personal biases and preconceived ideas of an idealized partner, Joseph shares how his criteria was not prioritized in finding his partner, but then it was met anyways. 

27:47 Do some people just expect to have a list of ideal partners made for them? 

29:00 Joseph asks about how to find the right balance between intentionality and organic strategy making. 

35:27 Why do dating apps and platforms fail to service high-achievers and in what way has it been a boon to matchmaking agencies?

40:42 How do we navigate being attracted to someone out of status as well as a person, do we let status get in the way or conversely can we not realize what we’re getting into?

48:00 What are Maclynn’s post-match services? Sarah talks about counseling that the team provides to help with communication and conflict resolution. 

51:00 Being an international agency has been Macylnn’s best asset, being able to provide services and sessions across many time zones. As an extension of that, Maclynn also has ambassadors to aid in spreading the message. 

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