Lisa Moore

The Secret to Openness, Receiving and Finding Joy with Dr. Lisa Moore

2:31 Lisa talks about what she brings to the coaching world after Joseph sets expectations for the episode that will fall into the spiritual space. She shares about her spiritually driven work and Joseph ties it in to the human innovation theme he’s spoken to previously.

6:08 Lisa grew up Canadian and as a natural athlete, she discusses the deep emotional impact she experienced as her athletic pursuit tied in to her personal life, this is where her new explorations taught her the pathways into a deeper connection with the universe and as a healer.

9:30 Lisa discusses the importance of finding our energy and joy as its key to finding our deterministic pathway in life. 

12:19 Because finding our joy is a crucial element to living well, Joseph asks Lisa to expound on how she confirmed that what she was feeling was indeed joy. 

14:00 Lisa talks about her mold story and notices an association with its ability to stick to walls but also how that creates a mental adhesion and can alter mindset. The joy comes not from the experience per se, but in sharing it and having that influence to help others. 

18:24 Joseph exchanges with Lisa his story of finding joy and that his shadow experience served to provide more clarity. 

22:45 Lisa tells of her son’s story and struggle with mental illness, Lisa comes to understand her need to be the rare soul who could love him as he faces his challenges. Likewise she has also faced issues with her own mother as a result of her life choices. 

28:30 Joseph recounts his perspective on the idea that two souls become one, and having children is an echo of that. He asks Lisa what continuation she sees in herself from her mother but also what she sees in her children. 

34:44 Joseph discusses how dreaming became an effective tool in his mind and how it can serve as an apparatus to a higher power, though long-term the risks began to outweigh the experience. Joseph asks in what way did Lisa have an experience that offered her a deeper sense of security in her beliefs. 

39:34 Lisa speaks that many of the issues we face is our inability to receive, we have to ask ourselves to remember to stay connected to positive dreams, memory and emotions and that being open to receiving should not be hard for the sake of being hard, that is old programming.

47:55 Joseph asks about what unique challenges she faces in helping members in the LGTBQ space. Lisa talks of ownership to ourselves and not to ascribe blame to other powers outside of our control or point of view.

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