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Finding your Voice, Reclaiming your Past Self and Learning to Let Go with Lynn Kirkham

having learned the valuable power of listening and being present for others in her long career as a sales manager, Lynn Kirkham wanted to overcome her inherent shyness and introversion and bring light to others in need of connecting to their voice. 

The light that flows through her now is what she shares with others, turning those who’d hide behind a pillar in a meeting room if they could into brave orators who could step on stage in front of 1000s at a moment’s notice. True story.

In this episode, we talk about boundary setting, reclaiming our past selves, finding our courage and truly being able to let go. 

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2:30 Lynn’s role as a coach is to help others find their voice, even those who are typically very shy and not at all willing to speak before others. Lynn’s belief is that where everybody is born with a purpose, it is possible to not live up to that purpose, thus the need to speak from the heart.

4:26: Joseph asks about how it’s different to try and build up the courage to speak to friends, family, co-workers and loved ones compared to the much more overt anxiety that would stem from going to speak on stage in front of 1000s of people. 

8:00 Having discussed the consequences of being shut down or denied by authority figures at a younger age, Lynn’s work is based on an important theme we’ve explored on the show about recognizing what’s on the surface as an indicator for what's underneath. Joseph asks Lynn about her skill set in working through these issues. It’s known as Core Repatterning.

12:40 Joseph shares some of his past experience as it relates to what Lynn discussed, the idea that part of who we are can be stuck permanently in the past and that little bits of us can be stuck in the past over time.

17:11 How much of our new understanding stems from personal reflection, and how much of it is also incumbent on seeing others who perhaps have impacted us in a new way?

22:07 Joseph asks Lynn to expand on the topic of defensiveness and guard. Joseph talks about how defensiveness is a good quality but not always. 

27:23 We talk about addictions which take on many forms, Lynn expands on being addicted to emotional states like anger, adrenaline and fear. 

31:00 Joseph asks about some of the most profound changes Lynn has seen in others. Lynn’s story of Roseanne, as we alluded to in the description, is among some of the most impactful.  

36:34 Joseph and Lynn talk about handling pressure both on stage among 1000s of people but also to handle assignments on time. How we are affected by pressure in the past can define our predisposition to procrastinate. 

40:36 How do we “let things go?’

45:50 Lynn talks about after six months of working in the space the answer came to her through providence. 

50:10 Lynn’s time in sales and sales management, she learned the importance of listening above all else as a skill that came with her into coaching. 

55:22 Lynn talks about her seven year sabbatical and her 21 days of silence in India. 

1:01:00 Lynn shares her vision to expand her business by bringing in other leaders who too can carry on the “Yes You Can Speak Now” message. She shares words of love and appreciation for all including our grateful host.

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