Sarah D Weaver

Embarking on your Dream Adventure Utilizing Real Estate Investment with Sarah D Weaver

As an avid adventure traveler, Sarah D Weaver learned early on in her adult life how to invest in real estate property and convert it in to usable cash flow to fund her lifestyle.

On this episode of The Impactful Coaching Podcast, Joseph digs in to the profound beauty and transformative nature of travel and inquires about the realistic outlook of property ownership. Sarah Weaver helps shine a bright, dazzling light on this prospect, something typically seen as out of reach by many.

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Show Notes

4:45 Joseph brings back his dormant segment of asking people what trip they had been on seeing as Sarah is such a proficient traveler. She ties it in to her business with the invested investor adventure travel program.

6:15 Joseph follows up on this discussion by asking about transformative experiences the group had in Tanzania. Seeing the natural behaviors of a Lion and it’s pride was immensely powerful in its ability to pull people away from their phones and headaches. Joseph continues on this line of discussion a bit longer for the fun of it, asking what trips didn’t live up to their hype. The takeaway is to prioritize focusing on what we enjoy, we don't have to climb MT Everest to have a meaningful hike.

19:21 after a continued excellent discussion about the profound meaning of travel, Joseph dials us in to how Sarah achieves this lifestyle through her work. Sarah has always, always prioritized travel. This had begun early on because she was able to own rental properties early on to generate income.

23:22 Joseph asks what was the strategy for attracting the ideal client to her rental properties. She knew she wanted to attract peaceful tenants, but designed and decorated her home to attract people like her.

26:06 Because Sarah had mentioned the idea of a mini mansion, Joseph asks what is the meaning behind that term, as Joseph’s guess entails essentially, a house. Joseph moves on to the more sticky subject of how to help people believe home ownership is a realistic prospect.

30:25 Joseph unpacks an important observation he’s had for some time in that the housing market is not entirely within the direct control of any governing body, that expenses add up due to a number of interlocking issues. We get in to an interesting discussion regarding how Canada has become an expensive but sought after place to live.

46:40 Joseph asks Sarah of joint-property ownership is something people attempt, and if so how is it done successfully? Incidentally Sarah tells us about her last experience in getting involved with another investor.

50:59 Joseph asks what does the client relationship typically entail for Sarah as it relates to both the financial, planning side but also the emotional championing side.

55:57 We talk about the perception people have of landlords in the media and ask, what are landlords doing correctly and what problems are they perpetuating? Good landlords communicate, but bad ones allow their properties to depreciate.

1:03:20 Sarah details how she managed to get to owning and managing eight properties.

1:07:25 Joseph asks about some of the early issues and lessons Sarah can share from her experience, she talks about how important it was to minimize the emotional side of the decision making process. We also discuss some of Sarah’s best case studies and how impactful her work has been to others.

1:16:00 we close out the show by reflecting on the pointed nature of some of what we discuss today, Sarah makes a point of gratitude of the opportunities afforded to her being a citizen of the USA.

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