7-Figure Scaler and Marketer Ron Reich; Uplifting and optimizing the Entrepreneur

Having found Law School could no longer keep his mind occupied while deciding on his true path – Ron Reich, known for his ability to optimize the businesses of top-performing coaches – discovered Direct Response marketing in 2005 and from there, saw his life in the entrepreneurial field manifest. 

In this episode of The Impactful Coaching Podcast, Joseph and Ron discuss how Law School can prime someone work long, difficult hours, the three pillars of marketing as he refers to the Genius Profiting System, day-to-day efficiency as a top-performing entrepreneur, selecting a niche for the long run and what makes white water rafting a great trip.

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2:10 We open with a brief discussion on Ron’s travel habits.

3:08 What Ron does for a living, marketing for emerging coaches, typically adding 30-50k worth of profit.

4:31 Ron sees himself as an optimizer, which ties in to his ability to increase net work as mentioned earlier.

8:14 Ron provides some insight in to how much time high-performing entrepreneurs spend being busy vs being impactful. 

11:24 Ron and Joseph discuss the ratio of labor to time spent compensating 

18:12 Why Ron got into law School and how studying for law conditioned his way of conducting his business in the future

21:00 Ron talks about how Law School kept it’s students disciplined

26:20 Ron discovers direct response marketing

29:40 Ron’s first product was selling how to pass the bar, something he knew quite well.

32:19 Ron discusses a key part of his career; his experience running marketing for a high growth company

35:00 Ron talks about his three pillars of marketing

41:00 We expand on the evergreen marketing pillar, particularly what changes on a tactical level and what remains on a strategic level

45:00 Ron makes the case that working in a consistent niche is more aligned to his outlook, compared to some other high-risk high-reward markets.

51:12 Ron conveys the importance of knowing the price you have to pay for success; not everyone is willing to do what it takes to build a million dollar business.

55:00 The unique appeal of white water rafting as a team building exercise.

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