Book Writing Coach Catherine Nikkel: Finding Your Voice Through Storytelling

From her first-hand experience as a young mother, Ghostwriter, Book Coach, and Author Catherine Nikkel understood the importance of social work. This understanding compelled her to join the field as a profession, driven by a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Catherine earned her degree in the evening while working during the day in court, where she witnessed the faces of those she could help. These experiences fueled her innate drive to listen to the stories of individuals whose voices were often stifled, amplifying their narratives and advocating for their needs.

Today, Catherine stands as a testament to her dedication and passion. With a legacy of published material for her entrepreneurial clients, she has honed her craft as a ghostwriter, adeptly weaving words to tell stories that captivate readers. Her mastery of storytelling forms the basis of a powerful conversation in this episode of the Impactful Coaching Podcast. Joseph, the host, engages Catherine in a compelling dialogue encompassing various facets of writing, storytelling, and the quest to discover our unique voices. They delve into the art of finding inspiration, overcoming obstacles, and illuminating the path for others to embark on their own transformative journeys.

Join Catherine and Joseph as they explore the profound impact of storytelling and its role in coaching, not only empowering individuals to find their voices but also encouraging them to become catalysts of change. Through their enlightening discussion, listeners will gain valuable insights into the transformative power of writing and coaching, discovering the compelling reasons that drive us to find our voice and help others in their own quest for self-expression.

3:00 Having just returned from attending an NYC mastermind, Catherine tells us what was her plan to get the most out of the event.
5:30 Catherine understands how to narrow down her niche, what trends she was identifying. More stories, less tangible book writing.
10:24 How Catherine finds her intention with going to masterminds
14:00 Catherines life experience getting in to social work, finding that she wanted to help more directly
22:00 Who brings their stories to Catherine and how her social work experience helps their stories
25:00 How did Catherine get in to Ghostwriting and how does she get her business?
27:00 Catherine discusses how not being in the limelight as a social worker primed her to work unaccredited as a ghost writer.
30:00 Catherine talks about the kind of satisfaction she feels from seeing her work transform the lives of her clients.
32:00 Catherine explains how she prepares to work with a client.
37:00 We have a brief reflection on the variance between how someone writes vs how someone speaks.
39:00 Coaching being a recent addition to her work career, she touches on what she gets out of coaching and who she’s been able to resonate with.
42:00 We touch on some of the challenges ghost writers face, ranging from technical issues to emotional issues.
44:00 Catherine briefly touches on some of the impact her work has had at a policy level.
46:00 The main characteristic someone needs to become a client is the willingness to share.
49:00 Joseph can’t resist asking Catherine how AI is being used, she recommends it as a tool but questions the ownership and copyright issues it entails.
51:00 We wrap up the episode with Catherine imparting the importance of being social and having a routine to workflow. She tends to be at Starbucks that’s inside bookstores to help with writer’s block.



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